Strengthening Women Entrepreneurs in Peru

"Alina always wanted to study at a university, but economic and family circumstances prevented her from continuing after high school. She is excited to dive further into the Proyecto Salta materials and use them to come out ahead with her bodega business."

–Amanda Roberson
Thunderbird MBA student and Proyecto Salta intern, right, describing one of her Peruvian consulting clients, Alina Castillo

Thunderbird School of Global Management and its funding partners launched a two-pronged campaign in 2010 to serve more than 100,000 women entrepreneurs in Peru within four years. The $7.5 million commitment includes major contributions from the Australian government, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, Mibanco and the Multilateral Investment Fund of Inter-American Development Bank.

Proyecto Salta

The first component, called Proyecto Salta, is a countrywide training program focused on women micro-entrepreneurs. Salta includes seminars, mentoring and other resources to help 100,000 women grow their businesses. Three-hour training sessions, held at community centers in urban and rural locations, stress practical methods for improving business processes, building self-esteem, and getting access to resources. The program incorporates innovative teaching methods, including a telenovela (soap opera) to teach basic busines principles. Thunderbird student interns provide additional support as one-on-one mentors in Peru.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, Peru

The second component is part of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, a business certificate program for women small-business owners. The purpose of this program is to provide 700 women with access to advanced business education, international networks, mentoring, and capital. Women receive extensive classroom instruction conducted by the Universidad del Pacifíco in Peru. In addition to classroom time, the women receive personal business mentoring by Peruvian and international women executives.

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