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Project Artemis Mentoring

Project Artemis Afghanistan is a unique program that trains Afghan women entrepreneurs in leadership and business skills. Thunderbird for Good’s flagship program, Project Artemis seeks to fulfill Thunderbird’s mission to ‘educate global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide’ in some of the most underserved entrepreneur populations in the world. Mentorship is a crucial component of Artemis, ensuring each fellow receives individual attention and has an advocate to support them in the future.  

Up to fifteen women from Afghanistan who are either currently running a business or intend to start a business in Afghanistan will be accepting full scholarships to the program, which will be held at the Thunderbird campus in Glendale, Arizona, from March 20th to April 1st, 2016.  The participants have been selected for this opportunity on the basis of their experience, their demonstrated business knowledge, and the strength of their business.

One of the most important parts of Project Artemis is the one-on-one mentoring that occurs after the on campus education has concluded.  Mentors are able to create a bridge between knowledge and actions, helping the Artemis fellows apply lessons learned in the classroom to concrete actions which help them increase profits and sustainably grow their businesses.  This, in turn, increases sustainable prosperity in Afghanistan, strengthening stability in their communities and their country. 

Follow up evaluations from graduates tell us that each and every Artemis fellow assessed has passed on the education and inspiration of Project Artemis and their own mentors by mentoring and educating at least one other woman in their communities in Afghanistan.  The multiplying effect of Project Artemis has reached well over 15,000 additional Afghan men and women since the program began in 2005.

About the Artemis Mentoring Program

Artemis Mentors are carefully matched with their Artemis “fellows” to best suit the needs of each Afghan woman.  Mentors need to have a combination of strong experience and the ability to give time to the program and their mentee.  While it is impossible to anticipate the exact needs of the women prior to the selection of fellows, in the past women with experience in retail, service professions, manufacturing, marketing, and human resources are often good mentor candidates.

Mentors make a commitment to their mentees for a minimum of one year, pledging to work with their entrepreneur mentee to help start and/or grow their businesses back in Afghanistan.  Mentoring relationships can be anything from a casual friendship/sounding board, to a more formalized advisor who can help with business planning and strategy.  While each relationship is different, we have found that mentors typically spend between five and ten hours per month on the relationship with their Artemis fellow.

At minimum, mentors are required to:

  • Join their fellow for the last three days of their training (March 30-April 1) at the Thunderbird campus in Glendale, AZ.  Mentors are responsible for their own travel to Glendale, but rooms at Thunderbird’s Executive Inn and meals will be provided by the program during your time on campus. 
  • Keep in touch on a regular basis with their mentee, usually via e-mail, Skype, or the phone.
  • Participate in quarterly conference calls for Artemis mentors with the Thunderbird for Good team.
  • Spend a reasonable amount of time learning about Afghanistan and the Afghan culture
    • A cultural orientation will be held by the Thunderbird for Good team prior to the program, which mentors are invited to participate in person or via teleconference.  If you are unable to attend this session, a cultural orientation guide or recording of the orientation session will be made available online.
    • In addition, the library at Thunderbird has a wealth of information on Afghanistan.  Mentors will be given access to the Thunderbird library’s Afghanistan resource page prior to the program to assist them in their preparation for this experience.

    For more information on qualifications and specific questions, download Mentoring FAQs here.

    HOW TO APPLY: Businesswomen interested in being an Artemis mentor must submit the attached application filled out in full, and a resume. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until qualified mentors have been identified and matched with appropriate Artemis fellows prior to the 2016 program. 

    Download the 2016 Project Artemis Mentor Application HERE

     Applications can be submitted either:
    1.      By e-mail to:
    2.      By fax to: 001-602-978-7027, Attention: PROJECT ARTEMIS.
    3.      By mail to: Thunderbird School of Global Management, Attention: PROJECT ARTEMIS, 1 Global Place, Glendale, AZ 85306, USA