Be a mentor

Work one-on-one with an aspiring entrepreneur

"Lima and I have a great relationship, and I think we are hooked together for life."

Erica Ferro
IBM business development manager and Project Artemis mentor, right, with 2006 Afghan fellow Lima Ahmad

When Thunderbird for Good classes end, the learning does not stop. Participants in many programs receive additional support from volunteer mentors who work with them one-on-one for a designated period of time. “When you are alone by yourself and have an idea for your business that you want to try, a mentor is somebody who can listen,” says 2006 Project Artemis fellow Lima Ahmad. She has stayed in close contact with her mentor, IBM business development manager Erica Ferro, for more than five years. Thunderbird for Good recruits mentors for Project Artemis and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women programs. We also partner with MicroMentor, an online service that connects small business owners with volunteer mentors.

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