Constant Growth and Change

Written by Connor Clark

As I have now spent 9 months in Peru mentoring women entrepreneurs I’ve realized how much my perspective has evolved over time. I came down here wanting to make an impact in the world and really wanting to do good (thus making Thunderbird for Good a great fit!), and as I have  constantly asked myself certain questions I have learned very valuable lessons.

Farmer to FarmerQuestions I have been repeatedly asking myself are those such as, “How can I really help these women?” “What do these women even want?” or “What do I have/know that they need?” Over time I have learned to spend less and less time fussing over the material to talk about and more time talking about what matters to these women. Most of them do want to learn about cash flows, marketing materials, and exportation, but what really occupies their minds is a search for a better self and a vision of what they can do with their life. The business concepts work and should be implemented, but without a vision of what you want to do these teachings, networking events, and mentoring visits just make for good conversation with fellow entreprenuers.

Thus, I have learned the value in looking at your own life as a business and spending your efforts to live in a more effective, healthy, and happy way. As far as I am concerned, true success can only come when you follow your dreams and do what you are passionate about.

Victor ZegarraIn our most recent workshop at the Universidad Pacifico, we decided to take a different approach. Instead of teaching on the concepts we normally cover in these group workshops, we decided to bring in a life coach - Victor Zegarra from PERUCOACH - who would talk about sales, dreams, and finding your real passion. It was a success! We had 3 times more entreprenuers in attendance than we ever had before. I felt that all in attendance not only walked away with more useful business information, but with an added excitement that would persist and continue to motivate them for days and weeks to come. I have found that focusing on what really motivates these entreprenuers really makes for effective mentoring.

I am grateful to have learned so much during my time down here in Peru and I am certain that these lessons learned will impact the rest of my career and life!

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