Against All Odds

Written by: Dahida Vega, DreamBuilder Peru

Starting your own business is a daunting experience for any entrepreneur; regardless of education levels, entrepreneurs face many challenges. DreamBuilder Peru provides business training and tools to combat the education gap for women in emerging markets. Every entrepreneur faces common challenges of raising capital, finding a market for the product and, of course, competitors. However, a woman from an emerging market in a patriarchal society might find her most difficult challenge at home.

Graduates of the DreamBuilder program proudly embark on their ventures against all odds and make many sacrifices including family. A successful program graduate whose business has grown tremendously recalls the most painful words she heard from her husband “you are not a good mother because you are not taking care of your daughters and your household responsibilities.” This attitude is not unique to Peru; women across the world hear these words every day.  However, in a traditional society where women’s primary responsibilities are the household these words can be devastating. Against all odds the entrepreneur took action against her husband’s opinion and worked arduously to grow her business independently, and employ other women who face similar situations. Now the entrepreneur is the breadwinner of the family and not only is she able to support her daughters financially she is also teaching them the skills that have made her so successful.  Lastly she is setting an incredible example that anything is possible if you work hard and never give up.

Against All OddsToday her husband has quit his job and works hand in hand with our entrepreneur; they have combined their skills and grown the business to new heights. He proudly supports her and states that because of her determination and ambition he has dreams he never imagined before. Once the entrepreneur’s business was profitable she was able to prove to her husband that in fact she was a successful business woman.  She reinvested her profits to grow the business and supports her family. This entrepreneur is an example for every brave woman around the world who faces similar challenges at home. Remember that your determination and tenacity will help you to overcome the odds and persuade those around you to believe and support your dreams!